Sunday, October 21, 2007

...not having posted for a very long time,lots of things have happened in my life. i am now a proud grandparent of a wonderful little man who goes by the name of aiden matthew. he is now 18 months old and i don't think i could love anyone more than i do him.
...also we have done some travelling. in june 2006,went on an alaskan cruise with 3 other couples and had a blast. also drove to edmonton in august 2006 with my son matt,aiden and aiden's mom cat. went to portland in november 06 to see bonnie prince billy at the mission theatre. drove to vegas and back for a holiday with my wife diane to celebrate my 50th in april of this year. wise,i have managed to catch quite a few concerts since i last posted including neurosis w/jarboe as well as neurosis & the grails. isis,tool,isis,bat for lashes,antony and the johnsons,devendra banhart,bjork,shellac,killing joke [rip paul raven],gang of four,deftones,circle,elbow,slint,calla,wolf parade & many more that i can't come up with right now. actually seeing isis for my 5th time in november. apparently i think they are good.
....been listening to tons of stuff too. lotsa metal and dubstep with a sprinkling of indie and electronic. stuff that has caught my ear as of late would be ::
circle - katapult
dextro - consequence music
radiohead - in_rainbows
various 12 inchers by mala,bug,pinch,scuba and toasty.
np:: v/a dubstep drama - the official soundtrack.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

...on any given day,any of the following could be my favourite release from 2004. so in no particular order ::

isis panopticon :: if there is a better fusion of what godspeed your black emperor were doing and metal out there,i've not heard it. i am a sucker for the loud soft,loud soft style and will continue to be til i die. isis do it extremely well and on this release aaron turner has started to sing and not just roar.this is without a doubt the album i have listened to the most this year from the time in the summer i grabbed it off of 5l5k ,then purchased the limited personalised edition [w/t-shirt] from the hydrahead site. ...such a fanboy!

susannah and the magical orchestra list of lights and buoys :: from norway,this album is unlike anything else i have heard on the rune grammofon label.not unlike julee cruise and the *floating into the night* album she did with lynch and badalamenti. her vocals on the cover of dolly parton's jolene break/melt my heart every time.

the delays faded seaside glamour:: well,not having heard of this group until reading the rub and pauls end of the year list this cd really knocked me for a loop. firstly grabbing it off of 5oul5eek i was immediately struck by the vocals. i have to admit upon further research i was amazed that it is not a female vocalist. never thought a guy could sound so otherworldly. of course i had to grab it on cd and have steadily grown to love this album. the first three songs alone are worthy of a reason to purchase,but i would now include 8 of the 12 tracks among my favourites from this year. outstanding! is it just me or does aimee mann come to the mind of others listening to satellites lost?

the concretes - the concretes :: after reading a review on the parasol site about this band i had never heard of i took a chance a grabbed it off of them. again another scandinavian group that just know how to write great pop hooks. why this was not huge i will never even try to understand.

mastodon - leviathan :: after all the great end of year press this band is now recieving surely there has been enough written about them. if you really miss when metallica mattered to you,this band will fill that void.

....will write more about several other discs that grabbed my ear at a later date.

np:: the delays....

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

...little bit tardy getting my best of list together,although i already tipped my hand to my favourite. luckily i have read a few top release lists to jog my memory. a person that enjoys the amazing race, i am still bemused over lena&kristy getting elimenated last week.just unbelievable what horrible luck they had in unrolling about 100 bales of hay and not finding the clue. amazing the places these contestants get to visit though.

now enjoying::
cheap trick - in color 2002

Saturday, December 04, 2004

... i found the love will tear us apart ringtone. little cheesy,but what the hell.
...actually,the characters are not half bad for a tattoo.

My japanese name is 小島 Kojima (small island) 明 Akira (bright).
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now listening to::
isis - panopticon [without a doubt,my favourite album if 2004]

Tuesday, November 30, 2004 my wife brought me home a cellular phone yesterday. does that mean i have officially joined the new age of media technology? am i going to be one of those annoying drivers with a cup of coffee in one hand yapping on a phone with the other? stopping conversations abruptly to answer an important call? playing the text messaging game? [maybe even text massaging].

...hope not,but i am seriously struggling to find an appropriate ringtone. i would love to have 'love will tear us apart' but as of yet i have been unsuccessful in my search. as i am a newbie at this i am not about to give up my search,although it may sound really cheesy as a ringtone.

listening to::
emery reel - for and acted upon through diversions
really glad that someone mentioned this on

Monday, November 22, 2004

...saw REM last night at the orpheum . second time seeing them in 15 months.this being a new album tour,new songs well represented. too many actually,where were the hits? where's my "orange crush"?

...michael stipe really is all you could want in a lead singer. his vocals were really strong and he is very animated and well spoken. since his cohorts really don't do a who;e lot,this is a good thing. charlie mars opened the show,review=meh.

listening to::
the associates - "sulk"