Tuesday, June 25, 2002

...good fugazi article on the stylus site.this is a band that i continue to enjoy and anticipate each new release from. just wish they would come out with stuff a little more frequently.
...stevie nixed posted this on her site. no descriptions,but an interesting variety of links.
...new nelly is blasting in the background today [probably all day]. my daughter is a fan and actually is making me a bit of one as well. ok...i admit that there is some top 40 that i like. even that damn "bye,bye,bye" song from nsync. heh.
...my provider was down all of last night,geez i was bored. maybe a little to much of my life is linked to the computer !

today's listening::
1.white stripes - white blood cells
2. piano magic - writers without homes
3. sleater-kinney - one beat


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