Thursday, July 25, 2002

...finally got around to grabbing the autechre live in vancouver mp3 off of soulseek. i remember it being a little more in your face than the mp3,but that might possibly be because i forgot to wear earplugs that night. i also thought that they played a bit longer than the 60 minutes that the mp3 lasts. perfume tree opened up for them ,then chantal spun for a bit before ae came on. i was really excited to see them and thought it was cool that they chose to play vancouver as i believe they only played a handful of gigs on this tour. as much as i enjoyed the music,seeing electronic acts can be a little like watching your clothes dry. all that ae used for lighting were candles [less than 4] and as the set progressed the candles grew dimmer until only 1 was left burning. for all i know it might have been dats i was listening to.

the same could be said for aphex twin when he played here as well at the rage. lying on your side while you are mucking about with a laptop does not a good show make. the only electronic act that i thought put on a show that i've seen has been mouse on mars when they toured with stereolab. these two guys were totally having a gas and they were so into it bobbing their heads and just generally having a good time,that it was infectious. i remember coming home and telling my wife how great they were.

my hope when i catch mitchell akiyama and kit clayton is that at least they look like they are into it. will let you know how they come off.

...guilty pleasure admittance time:: i liked some of linkin parks 'hybrid theory" and corresponding with brap has me thinking that the remix disc will be worth checking out. i have seen the new video which looks like the movie bits before a video game. very futuristic with lots of stuff blowing up. boy,does this band know their demographic.


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