Friday, January 03, 2003

pssssstttt....andy's back.,as usual i believe i have taken on something that might drag on for a bit. the 'something' being the 2002 favourites a year that i have read online that no good music was released i have heard a ton. glad i never limited myself to 10 or 20 or whatever.
...i am only this week finding out about releases from broken social club,metro area,dead beat,subtonal,spark & many others.

2002 favourites:: continued...
bjork - "greatest hits":: while the "family tree" comp is out of reach to me i did luck into a copy of this on ebay. by luck i mean that it is the 24k version released in asia. very nice packaging,ect..bjork can really do no wrong by my ears. i am saying that as a disclaimer to all the haters out there that dismiss her without really giving her her due. not sure if it is because she appears to be ageless or childlike or whatever! she always has interesting artists to work with like mark bell,matmos ,or herbert. with only one dud track (the remix of big time sensuality by fluke) among the 15 tracks i'd have to say this was value for the buck.


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