Thursday, June 27, 2002

....gee,very sad to hear about john entwhistle of the who. how some of you may have felt about joey and dee dee is how i feel about this news. as a teen,this was the band i locked myself away to when i was in a shitty mood. always felt "behind blue eyes" was about me back in the day.
...the latest grooves magazine has on the cover in big print "boards of canada".so i pick it uo thinking it is gonna have an interview with the boys.hmmmm,thumb through and's just a collection of quotes from other sources,online and print.i have to say that i found this to be a little disappointing as i had already read many of these quotes. note to grooves staff.....maybe next time the legwork yourselves,or at least don't make it look like you have some exclusive by putting them on the cover in bold print!

today's listening::

1. rothko - in the pulse of an artery
2. dj shadow - the private press

3. n*e*r*d* - search of...


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