Wednesday, July 31, 2002

...i can't even begin to express just how much i luv the internet. just as i am getting out of my funk about being overwhelmed with cd's/mp3's and such,along comes mention in the rub of interpol. always been a fan of joy division and and when amg namechecked the chameleons in their blurb on interpol,i had to [soul]seek out some mp3s. and what fekkin tunes they are!! i am now an unabashed interpol fan. ya,maybe they wear their influences on their sleeves,but at least they do those influences justice.

....seeing as how badger and paul are also giving heads up to the band coral,i will now be searching their stuffs out as well.

....gotta tell ya,when you are tucked away in a little burb of a city like vancouver,it is nice to get to hear about these types of acts .


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