Wednesday, July 03, 2002

....wish someone would redesign my blog.
....the more i think about the r.i.a.a. going after individuals,the more pissed off i get. i have bought a hell of a lot more cds because of various file sharing programs than i did before i got into this. the radio is so stagnant in my neck of the woods. flip on any of the pop/rock/indie/rap type station here and it is basicaly a cookie-cutter playlist. how many times have i flipped the dial to find another station playing the same song i just tried avoiding.
it has been a godsend to be able to read about a band/artist,look online for a song or two and just download a track for listening. sure i have burned lots of songs,even albums from a variety of artists.but....i never would have purchased their records anyways!!! mainly because it is very samey[sic].take your nicklebacks/puddle of muds/limp bizkits and they all follow the same formulas. give me something far more adventurous.mouse on mars,autechre,sleater-kinney....any number of bands that i truly enjoy. these are the bands that i hear online and never on the radio. save for brave new waves and citr [college radio], there really is no radio station that would dare play these groups.
i've come to the realization that i will have to boycott any band or artist that belongs to the r.i.a.a.!! this is a shame,as from the sound of the sonic youth tracks i downloaded today,i would have purchased their cd.same goes for the flaming lips,queens of the stone age and any other number of bands i like.sure it won't make any difference to any of these labels associated with these groups ,but at least i'll feel better. i will buy cds still.....used! and i will buy new cds,but they will be from groups outside of north america.....hopefully out of the r.i.a.a. jurisdiction.
on now::
sonic youth - murray street cdr


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