Saturday, August 24, 2002

....a few years back i was lucky enough to receive the 3cdr package "solutiore of stareau" from fellow idm listee nick willscher zammuto.the breadth of these 3 cdrs was incredible. from cut and paste glitchery noise to very mellow minimalist tones it continues to get a lot of play on my stereo.apartment b released "willscher" and infraction ended up releasing excerpts from these discs over the last few years. of course as he became a buzz name in electronic circles,i lost touch with him. not having seen anything new from him in quite a while i was wondering what happened to him.

...darla's most recent mailout has answered this. zammuto has paired up with paul de jong to become books.tomlab out of cologne has just released their new cd "thought for food".almost cool has a review up on a release that i can hardly wait to hear.welcome back zammuto.


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