Monday, August 19, 2002

...went for a coffee and some browsing at chapters yesterday. chapters, i suspect is the canadian version of barnes & noble. i could not have picked up two more disparate magazines.they were::
mojo - the august issue with bob marley on the cover.really picked it up for the cd that was is a trojan records comp that has the usual suspects on it. bob marley,jimmy cliff,gregory issacs,et al. but it also has some great tracks from people i had not heard. the review they give lone pigeon is a lot friendlier than the stylus one too.

the thresher - this is a great little book/magazine that comes out three times a year. i believe that badger would enjoy its political outlook. in this issue some of the articles are::
how the u.s. military plotted terror against u.s. civilians

the indiscreet charm of the bush-nazi web conspiranoids

queue the music - tragedy inspires awful music

...all in all an interesting read. this is only their second issue,but you can read articles from this and their 1st on their site.


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