Wednesday, August 14, 2002

....i read many blogs and what really impresses me is how well people write. i am really envious of people like tom,jess, paul and of course many others.i don't know if these bloggers have been writing for years or whether it just comes really natural to them. what i am starting to realize it that i probably will never be of the calibre they are. that end i am gonna renove my stats keeper because i am of the mind that it has become an albatross. i check every other day to see who might have read and get kinda down when no-one has . i also hope that it will enable me to become a bit free-er of speech.if i believe that i am alone in this,i might not be so stiff.i still would like my friends to read this,but i would invite you to add some comments once in a while.tell me you think i am full-o-shit.
...another thing i wonder about other bloggers is if they talk about music with friends or co-workers.i have been this out of step music geek for as long as i can remember. i remember buying the first queen album back in grade 11. it was new,no-one i knew had heard of them before and i had gone downtown on my lunch to get it at "kellys" in nanaimo.thrilled with my purchase and eager to discuss it with anyone the first person i met upon my return to school was a jr.A hockey player.
jock::"whatcha got in the bag?"
me::"just the queen album."
jock::"they look like fags!" (turns out he was a perseptive jock) off i went to listen to my new vinyl with no-one to talk about it with.this was and remains a common occurence.although the internet has opened up alot of "chat" for me,it still involves typing ,not an easy thing for this two-digit keyboard stabber.


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