Thursday, August 08, 2002

....been looking for modern eon's friction tales on soulseek. so far i've managed to find 4 tracks and am trying to get the rest off some guy that has his d/l capped at under 2 kbps. not complaining ,but geeezuz...anyone with a fondness for the liverpool scene circa 1982 would do well to look this up.

...listening to montreal smoked meat on force inc. this is a grate compilation that collects montreal glitch and electronic artists . really a nice comp,with a wide range of styles. cut and paste to very beat oriented tracks.the jetone song being a standout along with tracks from mitch akiyama and deadbeat.

...i've read rants on other blogs about work and though i sympathise ,i often feel that i would keep those thoughts private.until now ;)

...i have worked for a grocery chain for 22 years that prides itself on customer service. a company that sends it dept. heads for 10 day training units on how to treat their respective employees.a company that has mystery shopping programs that score us on such thing as "anticipate a need" and "take to item " as well as selling suggestion" and "offer samples".if we don't score above 50% on these shops they send you for a one day "happy school" to show you how to improve in the areas you failed.

they also have cut the staff in their stores by at least a quarter and hired kids that will never get more than 20 hours a week at minimum wage. 24 hours is where benefits kick in.

anyways,this is not the same company i started with. i realise that we all have choices to make,but those choices get harder as you get a mortgage ,2 kids and a wife that you support.i also am up to 6 weeks vacation a year,and that is really tough to leave behind. where would i go,or how long would it take me to get back up to that kind of time off.

what i started this rant for was to mention the new store manager that we have. this fellow apparently never had to take any of the training i mention above.he feels it is ok to mention on his first day at our store that we have 6 full-timers to many and that they will have to go. we are a union shop,so these people will be able to bump into other stores.this will cause a ripple that will create 6 part-time positions for 6 f.t. people. he is a big believer in the "right people at the right time" philosophy. unfortunately he appears to be the wrong people. i have yet to hear him make a positive comment about our store.he keeps comparing us to his "old store" and how it ran so smoothly. if it ran that smooth,why leave?

he has this philosophy that if you tell someone their department looks like shit {before stepping into it} that you will work harder.??his philosophy is that he is there to make money not friends.

why is it that the dick-heads rise to the top in the corporate world. why is it that a guy that you wouldn't piss on if he was on fire gets to be your boss?

as i said,i really was not going to use this to whine,although i have. i also will not mention where i work for fear that someone i work with was to figure this out. think i'm paranoid,check out dooce.


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