Monday, August 05, 2002

....esnipe? a friend pointed this out to me.if you have ever spent any time at all trolling ebay ,watching a great deal ,then being outbid with tenths of a second left in an auction,you will be interested in this. myself,i kind of feel it's a little morally corrupt to use a program that does your bidding for you. nothing really wrong with it,but it definitely takes the sport out of bidding. i have done my fair share of sniping,but only with a refresh key. oh well....

....still listening to the interpol i got off soulseek. looking forward the end of the month when it gets it official release so i can buy it.the chameleons and joy division come to mind,but also the smiths and even the doors are in there somewhere. not least of all,they remind me of the lucy show.
...the lucy show were a band that put out what i thought was a great first album,but half the band split and then their second release did nothing for me. amg only gives their first album undone one and a half stars. just one persons view that i felt was off the mark. do a soulseek for 'ephemeral" or "better on the hard side".
...they give the second album mania four stars? hmmmmm.....
ambience:: interpol - turn on the bright lights


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