Friday, August 09, 2002

...the brain has a review of dntel's new ep "[this is}the dream of evan and chan" in this weeks issue. i agree with with all that jon whitney writes in as much as none of the 4 versions of the title track out shine the original.. i am greatful to have the final track "the asthmatic worm" tacked on for those of us that were too late to the party though and missed it on a compilation.

...i feel that if you have not heard dntel - life is full of possibilities you are missing one of my favorite cds from last year. if you are an indie kid with one foot in the electronic world look on soulseek and grab it as i believe it is sold out. you won't be sorry.
...also grabbed ben neville's ep on context records. "vancouver and fairfield" is very much a house record,and since i like house music ,it is all good with me. if you like some nice thumping beats with skittery rhythms throughout ,you will enjoy this ep.


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