Monday, August 12, 2002

...andy diey has put a COMPLETE Apple G3 Music System up on ebay. he records under the black faction & foreign terrain names. included in the auction are all of his releases it appears,with the mask 300 that was released on skam in a limited run of 300. just wish i had some $$...

....i too spent a lot of time on soulseek this past weekend as badgerminor wrote in his blog.stuff i grabbed::
low - trust:: this comes out next month on the 23rd.definately will grab it for the first half of the cd alone. things start out strong with "that's how you sing amazing grace".followed up with a rocker???"canada". unfortunately it appears to drag after about 7 tracks wth the dreary "john prine" song a particular sour spot.
fire show - grabbed amixed bag of their tracks . amg namechecks gang of four in their review of "Above the Volcano of Flowers" but i don't hear it. the grifters come to mind though.
closer musik - saw some buzz on the idm-moderated list about this release.this is on the kompakt label and has yet to grab me yet.
disco inferno - "technicolour" and also "d.i. go pop":: another band [their are so many] that i am late to discover. did jess take his blog's name from a d.i. album? this is a band that upon further listens i will really like. sometimes the music that i end up liking the most is the stuff that slowly unravels as i listen to it. god i sound like a nerd.
christ - pylonesque:: haven't listened to it or the others i am about to list.
savath + savalas - rolls and waves ep
lone pigeon - concubine rice
pop ambient 2001
map station - "sleep, engin#1c1b8 lots of listening to get too!


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