Tuesday, January 07, 2003

....should i buy a lottery ticket?::i was summonsed to a jury selection this morning in vancouver. what might be considered by some to be an adventure to me is a bit of a drag. not that i don't believe in doing my civic duty,it's just that this is the 3rd jury selection i have been to. and the two previous ones i was selected to the panel and each trial was about a week.
...for anyone that has been on a jury,this part will be a bit boring. the selection process is interesting as they gather about 150 people in this large courtroom and proceed to inform us that they are selecting juries for 3 upcoming trials. they then take a box holding all the prospective jurors names and randomly draw about 20 names. these 20 people are lined up along the jurors box and the prosecutor and defense attourney for the first trial look at you. about the only question i heard asked was "what do you do for an occupation?".
...what is kind of funny is that it appears that the only thing that these lawyers go on is your look. i have come to believe that i have a very generic look. for once again i have been selected for a trial that begins next monday. grrrr....

...after the selection thingy was done,i poked around a few used cd shops and made my way to scratch. hoping to find the cd “You Forgot it in People” by Broken Social Scene. unfortunately they have yet to recieve it,so i will have to settle for now to listening to the few mp3s i grabbed that are making me want this so badly.

....speaking of mp3s...been listening to Stafrænn Hákon mp3s that are available on their page. Stafrænn Hákon is really just Olafur Josephsson who records on a four track in his room. fans of sigur ros and durrutti column would do well to check his stuff out. i see on his site that he mentions releases coming out on both resonant records and secret eye. looking forward to hearing these.

...walking around the mall on sunday,i ended up in an american eagle store. the music played sounded like it came off of some of the best of 2002 lists i've read. the liars,hot hot heat,interpol and some techno track i know i should know. not bad at all...


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