Monday, July 08, 2002

...finally got around to buying punk planet #49. this is the issue with the vagrant records cover story. i'm guessing this is old news to some,but the gyst of the story revolves around this "indie" label using major label practices to sell records. i am of mixed feelings about the indie versus major debate.
...i guess if you put a lot of time and sweat into making your label a successful venture then you should be able to reap some rewards. it's just what those rewards are that i question. if indeed vagrant was to sell to interscope for $17 million as is rumored,then those rewards should be shared amongst all the bands,not just the two owners of the label. ethically ,i have a problem with an indie label's artists and back catalogue being sold to a major. RFTC is a good example. they were on interscope and i am sure that the last place they would want to end up is back on interscope.
...although from this email that circulated last october/01 ,i do believe that rich is a decent guy. dunno,pick up the punk planet and form your own opinions.

pretty girls make graves - good health (sleater-kinney fans take note)


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