Monday, July 15, 2002

....been away on a four day roadtrip up to penticton. temps were up aound!!! poked around some pawnshops as used cd or otherwise were pretty scarce.picked up shriekback - "the dancing years" for $6 bucks.i really thought this was great stuff back when i had the vinyl in the early 80' when i saw this with a nice selection of early stuff on it i was stoked.what a piece of crap!! i wish i had read the amg review before i picked it up.dunno what mr. andrews was thinking when he let this be released but my gawd it is awful. he must of been involved with andy partridge's sisters as they wreak havoc on the earlier tracks like "my spine".i realise they were members of the latter version of shriekback,but they ruinthe earlier material.
...also picked up boxcar racer while on holidays. this is another great summer disc for driving. along with the hives - "vini vedi vicious" and the n*e*r*d* cds,these were the soundtrack to the 5 hour drives in either direction.
...andy diey is a fellow who records under the name "black faction". if you are into dark dreamy soundtrack like material,he is definately worth a listen.

the hum of the computer whilst i search ebay for shriekback's "natural history" set to get the taste of the "dancing years" out!!!


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