Thursday, August 29, 2002

my hot snakes night:: to the club just before beehive and the barracudas started their set.for the most part their songs are not bad but the set really lacked. too much time yapping between songs.gar wood from tanner played guitar/bass & vocals and i expected a tighter set from him. snakes straight out rocked.john reis gets my seal of approval just for the shear effort and obvious enjoyment that playing live gives him.the man has to be one of the hardest working men in the indie circles. label ownerswami,rocket from the crypt frontman, member of the hot snakes and the sultans as well as a solo releaseback off cupids. not to forget his formerly being in legendary drive like jehu and pitchfork. not a bad resume.
...right off the bat they were thunderous and played with rarely a break between songs [beehive et al....take note].i think that they played most of both albums they have out.rick froberg sang his guts out. am i the only one that thinks he is a dana carvey clone? the only thing missing was reis taking a lead vocal turn,but that's a minor quiblle.
great band!!!!

oh ya....almost forgot.toward the end of the set,some idiot got up on stage and started dancing around.reis walks over ,still playing and pushes him off.idiot does not seem to realise he is not wanted up there and tries it again. this time reis takes the mic stand and places the base against the idiots chest and launches it and the idiot back off the stage. don't go on any of reis's bands stages ;)


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