Tuesday, September 03, 2002

...really not been up to much other than working ,working and oh ya ,going to work.have been spending way to much time and money on ebaylately. funny how when you do some auctions yourself,you build a little paypal pot and start getting crazy with your bidding.it's kinda like buying cds with someone elses money though.
recent purchases off ebay that i have just recieved or am awaiting are::
teardrop explodes - kilimanjaro::the version with the extra tracks. always liked these guys more than echo and the bunnymen.remastered and sounds great.
tortoise - millions now living:: looking forward to getting this one as it is the japanese edition with an extra 22mins/3 tracks.
tortoise - a digest compendium:: another japanese release that i am glad to grab. sold my "rhythms,resolutions $ clusters" last week and was already regretting it. this has it includes among other early tracks.nice.
el-p - fanatstic damage:: awaiting its arrival...read the hype,had to grab this.
barcelona - transhuman revolution:: i have one other release by them"simon basic" that i enjoy,hoping this is as good.
bip-hop generation vol.3::with artists like novel 23,pimmon and neotropic....it's gotta be good. i haven't checked out any of these comps but have been wanting to.
voices in my lunchbox:: nice comp put out on plug research. i was looking forward to the dntel track on it and as much as i like it the whole disc is really good. herbert contributes as does::chicks on speed,black faction and kit clayton. has a really nice "pop" feel to it for lack of a better description.


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