Monday, January 13, 2003

a weekend of highs and lows::

...indeed. my daughter started the highs by winning the first game of her basketball tourney friday night. it was actually the first of three wins on there way to winning the tournament. in 5 years of playing this was the first time a team she was on actually won one of these things. i congratulate her.

...we also got to hold a 7 hour old baby boy which my sister-in-law gave birth to on sunday. his name is anthony and he has a head full of dark hair and an old mans face(although all babies seem too look old to me ). always amazes me holding a newborn baby. we've had two of our own,yet it still makes me warm and fuzzy holding this tiny little man.nothing like it.

...after the low that came friday night though,i really needed these two highs.after friday nights game i came home and found our dog,gizmo really labouring to get her breath. i really thought she had suffered a stroke. it was about 8:30pm and phoning around we found an emergency vet about 20 minutes away in langley.we rushed he over there and the vet gave her oxygen and ran a few quick tests. she also took an x-ray. was in the x-ray that she showed us that gizmo had an enlarged heart caused by disease. she explained that on a scale of 1 to 6, with six the worst, our little peekineese-poodle cross was a "6". she further explained that if she made it through the night that gizmo would never really be the same and in fact may have only a few days or weeks left. really sucks making that decision. whether to put your pet of 11 years down. this is only the second dog i've owned and with the first i woke up one morning and found she'd died. as sad as that was, having to put a death sentence on a pet is not fact it physically hurt.


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