Monday, June 30, 2003

!!! and out hud::

...both bands wrapped up their tour together here in vancity on saturday night with an early show at richards on richards.out hud opened their set with dad, there's a little phrase called too much information which came across really well live. from there,out hud did new tunes featuring vocals fom phyllis forbes accompanied by nic offer and molly schnick. this was unexpected by me,but the vocals only added to the sound and the new songs made me anxious to hear their next release.

!!! followed and got our canadian asses shaking. as i watched them play,i kept wondering if this was what it must have been like to catch the talking heads circa "remain in light" [ which is my favourite T.H. lp].!!! are not a rock band so much as a groove / funk monster. nic offer and the boys can really dance too!!!

np::replicator - untitled 4 song ep
...having found out about this band in the brainwashed brain online mag, i finally got ahold of this and their earlier winterval lp. fans of shellac owe themselves a listen to this band. whay some label hasn't grabbed them i have no idea......


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