Wednesday, July 17, 2002 you wanna chance to sit in on the creative process with one of the most inventive bands rock music has ever heard? some people take themselves a little to seriously.
...went down to zulu records on west 4th yesterday. this is probably one of the best record stores on the west coast. i have never been to amoeba,but this has got to be at least close in terms of selection of new and used. anyways,grabbed piano magic - writers without homes and wall of voodoo - call of the west both used. as far as wall of voodoo goes,if i could find dark continent i know i would own the only essential releases from this group. mexican radio really was an unlikely hit,that my wife thought was really called mexican rodeo??? apparently she only listens to the music. heh.
...really enjoying the piano magic disc. maybe not as classic as low birth weight,but still a quality release.
...mitchell akiyama and kit clayton are playing vancouver on august 4th. will be worth checking out.

run lola run - soundtrack


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