Thursday, September 12, 2002

amon tobin
"out,from out where"
ninja tune
this fella just keeps getting better.he tackles such a wide variety of styles and does them so well it makes my head spin.from icey techno beats,to smoked filled jazz clubs to hip hop.really a great record.

vague terrain recordings
"a viable alternative to sexual contact"
piehead records
vague terrain recordings is the alias of matmos.they have recorded this for the cdr label from toronto.9 tracks that are genuinely tame in comparison to their other recorded output. tame in a good way though. samples were derived from,well this is what is on the release info."these songs were originally used as soundtrack music for gay pornography,primarily fetish oriented.on-set dialogue was gathered from the raw footage we were given to work off of. adults only please." i know that makes it sound rather raunchy,but really it's not. the only dialogue is between songs and skip through that and the beats are very pop. if you have had a difficult time getting into matmos earlier stuff,give this a try. i think you'll find it very nice.

"dirty dancing"
this cd's sounds are deeply rooted in the 80's.Reference points being the vocals of Visage and the cold echoey vocals of John Foxx.Skip past the first track and you will get to the goods. nice stomping techno beats that don't let up til the disc is over. Being familiar with Swayzak's "Snowboarding In Argentina" i was surprised to find this album so geared towards vocals. This is a step in a nice direction though,and actually lends the group a more radio friendly sound.If you are a fan of electroclash groups like adult,you'll find this to be to your liking.


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