Wednesday, September 04, 2002

...coupla movies i watched lately. like one alot,thought the other s u c k e d !!

the sucka!::signs - ...what the hell? all the hype and no payoff. i can't believe the spiral that M. Night Shyamalan has fallen into.the 6th sense was a great movie. even stuart little had some moments. but then he gave us unbreakable which was what didn't happen to his string of decent movies. now he gives us signs which is a disaster of a movie. from the lame "priest in search of god" thread to the hokey aliens. i would have given him a bit more credit had he at least kept the aliens in the shadows. scarier if you never really see them,except for the reflection in the tv screen. the dog lunging was the scariest part. also,what kind of lifeform that was capable of possibly "harvesting" the population of earth would come to a planet made mostly of water.water being the thing that kills them. what,it never rained while they were on earth? just a plain bad movie.

i liked this one::the rookie - dunno,maybe i am just a sucker for those "baseball dreams" movies. i liked field of dreams alot and i like this one too. the fact that it was based on a true story made it pretty cool as well.won't say much as i don't want to be the spoiler,but if you like a good "makes me misty" movie,check this one out.

now listening to::teardrop explodes - kilimanjaro


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