Sunday, September 15, 2002

interpol guitars stolen::
went to the royal hotel in vancouver tonight to see interpol.unfortunately ,someone stole both the guitar players guitars. given that the royal is in one of the seedier areas of vancouver, i guess i shouldn't be surprised. hell , john spencer [another matador act ,strangely enough] had his gear stolen here as well.
so kudos go to the band for borrowing guitars and going ahead with the show. i mean,with customs gouging every band that plays canada approx. $400 to cross the border to play,i'm sure this was just adding to the sour taste in their mouths.with a mumbled comment about borrowed guitars,these guys went on to give vancouver a great show.i must say that their music comes across really well live. they fleshed out their sound by adding a keyboard player.daniel kesslers vocals were especially strong and i believe they played most all of their album.
when they launched into "say hello to the angels" kessler mentioned,"i hope i can play this as intense on this guitar."which indeed they did. great show,catch them when they hit your town.

fashion observation::
apparently by the amount of ties worn onstage by interpol and by the people in the audience......ties are in :)


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