Thursday, December 05, 2002

'tis the be busy::
...been busy working,driving my daughter and team-mates to basketball games,practices and fast-pitch practice.aside from shopping and getting the lights up and starting to mail out cds from aprox. 35 auctions.yup,but i wouldn't change a thing [other than the having to work part].

...did get out to see "bowling for columbine" finally. if that doesn't get your head screwed back on right ,what will?
...amazing film with enough humour to give your brain a break from the numbing heartache. i wonder if my u.s. friends can verify if k-mart no longer sells handgun ammo? i am also hopeful the michigan politicians saw this movie andchanged the law that makes welfare moms have to work miles away from their families.
...a couple of minor quibbles would be the lack of info in the film as to where the numbers they gave came from. as in the # of gun related deaths in canada. also i felt michael moore went for the heart strings and the cheap shot in leaving the picture of the six year old on the property of charlton heston. no sympathy for heston.....just seemed a little...
by the way:: i live in canada and lock my doors.

....have a whack of new tunes to hear that i have not made time for. i did grab the consonant cd after hearing about it at nonstop pop, i must say that it may not grab you right away,but it is a very fine release and worthy of some spins.


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