Thursday, November 14, 2002

stars of the lid @ the or gallery::

....went down to see sotl last night at this very intimate setting.i would estimate there to be no more tha 90 people at this show and with a $7 canadian admission! how the hell can these guys tour on that? i am not complaining though as it isn't often i get to see such an interesting event.sotl bring their own soundman and projectionist with them.the projections really add a lot to the experience as sotl songs tend to drone on [in a good way] quite a bit. what's going on behind gives you something else to focus on. the duo don't really play music from the albums as much as they bastardize truly is amazing how large and symphonic the sound is from two men using guitars and effects.

...loscil also played as they are lablemates and he resides here in vancouver.very glad to have finally caught his performance as i had missed him a couple weeks earlier at another show. i believe he played stuff from his new album submers. as i have yet to hear this i am not quite sure. i am sure that i will get it after hearing him last night.

....also performing were ken gibson and cowbells. gibson is the soundguy for sotl and the peice he did was very interesting. it had many shifts in ambience and added beats partway through.ending with a very loud cresendo that had me believing my ears were gonna be toast.very nice up til that point,i would like to hear more from him.cowbells is a fellow i know as brady from zulu records. his stuff was all done from a mac and had alot in common with pole and oval. all in all a very good night of electronic musik.


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