Tuesday, October 08, 2002

....stuff i've been wrapping my ears around as of late::
...spurred on by reading the rub and pauls giving a listen to the church i dug that out and dusted it off.yes paul ,you are right in your mention of how wonderful it still is.

propaghanda - a secret wish:: having picked this up off ebay an a whim,i have really enjoyed this flashback to the 80's. put out on the ztt label back when art of noise and frankie goes to hollywood were all the rage,this easily could have slipped through the cracks.production values are high throughout,but the tunes are what carries this disc. really not a dud on the album.

comets on fire - field recordings from the sun:: whew!! that is how i felt upon first hearing this release on ba da bing! having read the review of it at fakejazz and it's comparison to the acid mothers temple still did not prepare me for the dense wall that is this cd. a much better review can be found at the link provided.also a quick mention about how quick the turnaround was from the time i ordered this from ba da bing! til it got to my door.very nice.

sigur ros - () :: i mentioned this a few days back and said it wasn't much of a progression. well,it may not be,but damn it is a really fabulous listen. the headphones have had a serious workout with "()" as of late as i have not been able to go a day without hearing it. not all the songs are sung in jonsi's higher register and for that i am greatful. the drumming is what has really sold me on this cd though as it is very imaginative and quite often just slightly out on syncopation.dunno how better to describe it.


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