Saturday, September 28, 2002

...gonna steal a review from a friend of mine ,jeff klein. he has written far more eloquently about the following release than i could ever hope to.
Future Bible Heroes : Eternal Youth

In two words, synthpop bliss. This is not some kind of electroclash type
throwback; this is a Vince Clarke wet dream. Think back to early Depeche or
The Assembly (Vince's series of one-off singles with various vocalists -
Feargal Sharkey and Paul Quinn).
Add Stephin "Magnetic Fields" Merritt's incredible talent for lyrics and
Claudia Gonson's (another Magnetic Fields cohort) vocals along with Chris
Ewen's (Figures on a Beach, anyone?) LUSH, synthesizer drenched melodies
and there you have it. More hooks than a commercial fishing vessel. If I
made top ten lists - and I don't - this would definitely be up there.
It has the charm and power of a Magnetic Fields release (Merritt's lyrics
are amazing...clever, funny, sarcastic. Check "Find and Open Window" for an
ode to suicide amidst one of the most beautiful and melancholy melodies
which ever graced a synth - or a bank of them, I should say), but Ewen
eschews the lo-fi production which one finds on Holiday (a Magnetic Fields
gem) for a rich, layered gloss which is surprisingly hot in the VUs. I hate
to gush, but this record is just beautiful. Yes, Ewen is an old friend of
mine - but that has absolutely nothing to do with my evaluation. I remember
when Chris and I used to listen to and collect the great synthpop music of
the early 70s. He has made a record which at once takes from the best of it
and yet doesn't sound like it was pinched, contrived or derivative. It just


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