Thursday, September 19, 2002

...been busy putting stuff up on ebay again. christmas and birthdays round the corner,so selling is needed .

...cleaned up and added some new links of a couple pages i like to read.papercities is a page badger mentioned today. i had followed the link from the rub's list. i believe that he and paul are having a contest to see who can blind their readers with the brightest background colours.

...also addded nonstop pop which is a really well written music blog.

...back to the subject of ebay.funny how labels come and go from being the hot items for sale on ebay. i remember not long ago when almost anything that was fax related garnered huge bids. not apparently so anymore. same as elektrolux stuff and skam. yet on a whim , i put up a couple of cds i never listen to anymore and they are hitting $30 and $50 bux. puzzled but happily so.

....after seeing mentions of the interpol earlier ep's,i grabbed them off of soulseek. interesting to see how far their sound has developed already. they really are a young band that is learning how to write and develop songs. let's hope that they continue to get better and don't fall prey to believing all the hype that is being piled on them.


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