Wednesday, September 25, 2002

this news from the life without buildings email list::

Dear All,

Some of you may have guessed this already by the lack of activity on our
website and elsewhere, but we feel we should make it official and
announce that Life without buildings is no longer a band. We want to say
how much we appreciate all of the support that's been given to us over
the past couple of years - thank you ;) it's been a lot of fun. For the
moment the website will stay up, and we'll use it to keep you up to date
with any future developments that might interest you. None of us have
any intention to stop making music and it's likely that members of the
band will keep playing together in some form or other.

We want to say our most sincere thanks to all the people that have made
Lwb so enjoyable for us: Andy, Pat and Peter at Chem19; Glen, James,
Geoff and all at Tugboat/Rough Trade; Tom at Trifekta; Ryan and Ricky at
DC/Baltimore 2012; Dave, Matt and Morro at Handsome Tours; Andreas and
Petyr at Puschen; Aereogramme, driver Drew; Panagiotis, Makis, Chris and
everyone we met in Athens; Gersey, 99, Art of Fighting, and everyone we
met in Australia; the Gooner and all of you who liked our music and told
us so.

Thanks a million - and, you know, keep on rocking.

Lwb - Chris, Robert, Sue, Will


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