Friday, October 04, 2002

...two new albums gleaned from a friends ftp. apparently both are on soulseek too.

...first off godspeed you! black emperor has a new album "yanqui u.x.o." out next month. this is the one recorded by steve albini. i don't really notice anything upon hearing this that is really any different soundwise from their earlier efforts. i expected maybe a little grungier sound with the drums possibly pushed to the fore,but this is not the case. i do really like gy!be and that makes me not a very good reviewer of this album. did notice that they used horns on the 2nd of the three tracks.

...the other item i grabbed was the advance of sigur rós . this is again another sweeping effort that will be gobbled up by anyone that dug their last album. lots more epic sounding songs that leave me wanting to hear more and hopefully catch them on the just announced n.a. tour.


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