Sunday, September 29, 2002

...go to the rub and grab the enon track that paul graciously put up for this week only. it's a really great song that paul compares favourably to roxy music's "virginia plain". maybe it's the rob crow-like vocals but i hear a distinct pinback feel to this particular track. i will definately search ot the album "High Society" though.

...been listening to Digitonal -" 23 Things Fall Apart" on toytronic after chris raved about it.must say the man has great taste as this is very cool . if you like the thought of idm mixed with live strings ,then you should check this release out by the duo. the vinyl is 6 tracks as opposed to the cd which has 7. so for my money the cd is the way to go.this is what the s://kimo mailout this week had to say about this disc::

"Digitonal is London based musician/programmer Andrew Dobson in
collaboration with violinist Samy Bishai who have worked together on this
project since Spring 2001. Inspired largely by minimialist pioneers and
Artificial Intelligence era electronica, Digitonal aims to bridge the gap
between the melodic and the abstract with emotion-laden strings and angular
beats. 7 tracks and over 40 minutes long, it's clear that 23:tfa has
ambitions beyond a straightforward collection of electronica. It is an
acknowledgment that many people that have Aphex Twin, Autechre and Plaid in
their cd rack, also have Arvo Part,Steve Reich and Phillip Glass...."


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