Tuesday, October 29, 2002

october28/2002::live at the sugar refinery::
....so i went to catch an electronic music show last night at this very small club in downtown vancouver. it serves as a restraunt that presents live music later in the evenings. i'd estimate there to be about 50-60 people in attendance when i arrived at 10:00pm.signer was just finishing setting up as i arrived. he has an array of gizmos and a laptop to accompany him while he plays electric guitar and sings. carpark records has put out his latest "Low Light Dreams" and after seeing him this night,i wanna grab it. from what i heard,the closest reference would be what labradford and pan american are doing. maybe with a bit more noise thrown into the mix,but very enjoyable. he played for about 50 minutes and i was thoroughly into it.

....chessie came up next and after signer did not really have a chance in my book. while the duo also mines the same territory[guitar accompanyment] they also let their songs go on for a bit to long. thankfully they only played for about 35 mins.

....i actually went to catch loscil. unfortuanately he played first and i missed him. a bit odd when you consider that he is about to release his second album on kranky,which i am sure is a wider distributed label thean the other two record for. i was dissapointed to say the least as i have been following him since i first found out about him via mp3.com.the other dissapointment was how much people yak when an act is trying to entertain. wtf is it with people nowadays? why are they so selfish as to think that their trite conversations are so much more important than the consideration of the other folks that paid admission and want to hear and enjoy the night!! sheeesh....


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