Thursday, October 17, 2002

...why the fuck do people bid and win auctions they never respond to .....these people are just a waste of skin and a major pain in the ass.

...was i ever glad to see some one else felt the same way about the streets release as i did.paul nailed my feelings on this exactly. i too thought it was a joke i was not getting .....i am always a little let down after hearing how grate something is on i love music and it turns out to be a stiff.

...what has interested me today was listening to reaching quiet- "in the shadow of the living room". i won this off of brap's auction on ebay and i can't really decide how i feel about it. that is a good thing though as it is a lotta fun in the "v v m crossed with hip hop" vein [as chris had described it to me]. reaching quiet = odd nosdam and why?.

...chris also sent me a solid steel steinski mix. this is just a crazy listen and the mixing is unbelievable. on his site he says it took almost two years to do and upon hearing this i can fully appreciate that.


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