Monday, October 21, 2002

....i can't get over how much the interpol ep "Precipitate" is fetching on ebay. last week one sold for over $100 !! i can't fathom spending that much on a cd,especially one that is available for download on soulseek. geez....really the songs are good and i really like the band,but..... versus japan - "whole numbers play the basics" is out now on carpark. this fellow [eric kowalski] released an album i loved back in 1999 called "go hawaii". he has one upped himself on this new one. if you like your indie-electronic to be a little upbeat and not the glitchy type favoured by the german based crews,this is a release worthy of searching out. boards of canada get mentioned in reviews of his work quite a bit,but to dismiss him as a follower of fashion would be a shame.


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