Friday, November 15, 2002

black heart procession @richards on richards::

...i was late enough arriving that i caught the second act ,jerk with a bomb just as they were getting underway.jwab have several releases on scratch records and have been on the vancouver scene since 1996. i am a little bit sad that i have not made the effort to hear them before this. i was quite impressed with their flavoured tunes.the duo were fleshed out with two additional players giving them a nice full sound. the drummer also played keyboard while singing back-up vocals. how the hell he cold get his brain to do all that at once is a mystery to me.
...bhp werea 5 piece on this evening. paulo/pall's vocals were amazingly strong and the playing of the group was very tight.concentrating at first on tunes from their latest Amore del Tropico and sprinkling some older tunes later in the set .switching off on instruments the playing was superb. paulo, being the singer, was the focus and dressed all in black like a gunslinger with his greasy black hair tucked behing his ears, was a real presence. not one to talk to the audince he let the music do the talking. no real interaction with the crowd but no one seemed to concerned especially when he pulled out his saw in the middle of the set and bowed it to eery effect on a couple of songs. as i am sure you can tell, i was a fan and am an even more ardent fan after this show.

great find sidenote aesop rock - labour days.....used for $8 bux.


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