Thursday, January 16, 2003

...hoping that the judge does his thing tomorrow and lets us get deliberating in the trial i'm serving on the jury for.nuff said.

...what it has allowed me to do though is listen to a mittfull of new music this week. i have recieved through ebay or buying here a bunch of things listed on various lists i've read. the montgolfier brothers which is very nice and mellow. the vocals at times recall momus and at other times the very mellow smiths tunes. also,the iron & wine cd which is also very mellow. seems to be a trend this week for my listening. everything seems so much more melancholly.

...let's see...


themselves - the no music

stylus - mynydd preseli

gang of four - 100 flowers bloom

ghislain poirier - sous le mongvier

ghislain poirier - Il N'y A Pas De Sud

desormais - climate variations

mark kozelek - what's next to the moon

mark kozelek - rock 'n' roll singer

kitchens of destinction - cowboys and aliens
as well as cdrs of the postal service and the new massive attack.lots of listening !


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