Tuesday, July 01, 2003

happy canada day::
....not that i wish to be american,but i really do admire the patriotism of the folks below us. here in vancouver,there will be no festivities to mark our national holiday.no fireworks.....nuthin'. apparently last year's crowd was unruly and someone was stabbed,thus giving the city a convenient excuse to cancel this years celebration. aparrently the cost of policing the event is not worth it to city officials.
normally i would accept an explanation as feeble as this.....if not for the fact that vancouver may be announced as the 2010 host of the winter olympic games.the announcement is expected tomorrow morning at 7:30 am pst.what i believe to be true is that the city has put all their efforts into the policing of the downtown core tomorrow morning.thus leaving no bucks for tonight.


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