Friday, July 19, 2002 you ever reach a point where you have too much to listen to,and too little time or interest to do it?that is where i find myself. maybe i am overwhelmed by information? what i thought (and still feel) to be a good thing was how easily i could get info on new music/groups ,ect via the internet. when i first got into this i would correspond with great people from all over the globe. folks like erik hedin from plod,and brap from seattle and email & trade cdrs with jeff from detroit.this was before the napster revolution. i was never privy to any hotline servers or such that some traded mp3's on.
... i would order cds and trade over the net via the whitezone-list.really got my ears opened to new sounds,especially electronica and all it's sub genres via the idm list and 313.still an indie kid at heart ,the internet has made it easier to grab all the newest sounds via soul seek and ftp sites.
...easier,but not necessarilly a good thing. now maybe i am just in a funk,but it all seems to me to be becoming a blur. i seldom have the patience to listen to a release all the way through anymore. i used to buy an album and live with it. by that i mean that i would study the liner notes and read the lyrics. i would hold the cover in my hands while fully immersed in listening to it.nowadays i rarely know track names,and skip all over the cds or mp3s as i listen.i guess that what i should really do is stop downloading for a while and catch up. put aside the fear that i might miss out on the next big thing and get back to listening. i actually miss the days of awaiting a release with all the expectations and thrill of some thing new to listen to.
...i know i am rambling and if you have stuck with me ,sorry. as i said it's just a stage i get in every once in a while. in fact last time this happened i gave up buying cds and went head long into comics. don't think i'll do that again as my wife is always asking me what i'm going to do with the boxes of comics that litter our closet.


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