Wednesday, December 18, 2002

2002 favourites::

...really in no particular order. of course not a definitive list of all i've enjoyed either. these are only the ones that have come to mind in the last few weeks that i have pondered 2002. i plan on listing a few more in the coming week and i know that i will be kicking my own arse in january for the ones i miss or the ones i only find out about in 2003.

interpol - "turn on the bright lights"::ya i know many find this derrivative. but if you are gonna rip off the past at least grab from the best,and that they do. other than the vocal inflections,i don't hear the joy division comparison. i do hear chameleons and kitchens of destinctions in there though. i know that they deny ever hearing any KoD before but i swear it's in there. this has been the release that i have listened to the most this year and i thank the group for making me dig out my chameleons cds and giving them some overdue attention.

will post a bit more later tonight as i am listening to the radiohead special on the net right now and it is slowing my 'puter down big time.


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