Friday, December 06, 2002

....cut this from a scratch mailing.::

" the mood is light, augmented by today's two crapper reading atrocities-1) The Wild Coyote nightclub somewhere here in the (very frightening) burbs is (seriously) offering as first prize a free breast enhancement operation/surgery, normally a $5000.00 value, in their "Begging For Boobs" bikini contest. That's right, if you WIN a bikini contest you get free Foobs. Friend, that is fucked, on a number of levels. Trainwreck # 2-seems Hot Hot Heat, while spotted at the mall, think their 3M advance is a little small (and that's not all) and they are running a little low on designer mousse and hairspray. today?"

....ok so if you win the contest you get new breasts?i have to agree with the writer. for any that are not subbed to scratch's weekly email-out,ya really should give them a try. real reviews that are not just press clippings and social commentary to boot.


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