Wednesday, January 29, 2003

....paul has beat me to it,but i just wanna throw the new kinski cd "airs above your station" out there for my "best of 2003 so far" list. really liking this alot. apparently compared to mogwai quite often i have to say they have moved away from that sound and developed their own. maybe the ghost of engine kid on the first track...but mogwai,nah.

...also finally got my hands on the broken social scene cd. you can listen to it in real audio here or simply download two of the tracks,"almost crimes" and "stars & sons" are available. thanks again to paul for putting me in touch with poppolar to get this. really can not make a strong enough point for you to grab this. with the pedigree of do make say think as well as several other toronto bands,,,,really nice stuff.


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