Thursday, July 10, 2003

...speaking of MBV ::

...from the "avalyn" list comes this news ::

My Bloody Valentine Back in the Studio after 12 Year Hiatus

Sometimes news comes down the grapevine that's so good you have to spread the
word. Otherwise it would be an injustice to humanity. When word came to those
of us at Under the Radar that My Bloody Valentine have been holed up in a
Berlin studio we couldn't quite believe it. After all, the band hasn't released
anything in twelve years. Being the dutiful rock journalists that we are we
sought confirmation on the rumor only to be foiled again. Our source on this
bit of breaking news wishes to remain strictly anonymous. But he did confirm
the buzz.

My Bloody Valentine is finally back in the studio. As it turns out an MBV box
set is due out sometime this winter and Kevin Shields, Colin O'Ciosiog and
Bilinda Butcher are back in the studio to re-record a few songs for it. No,
there will not be a new MBV album, but the band is re-recording 5 songs they
had abandoned for the Glider EP. Originally the Glider EP was to be a full-
length album, but due to pressures from the record company Shields decided to
only release five songs as an EP because the other material wasn't ready to see
the light of day. The left over Glider songs were shelved and Shields and
company moved on to the never-ending Loveless sessions. As many of you know,
after Loveless the band went their separate ways (for whatever speculative
reason) and those leftover Glider songs remained on the shelf....until now.
Although there has been no confirmation on whether or not vocalist Debbie Googe
is also in on the new sessions it is a bona fide fact that My Bloody Valentine
will release Glider as a full-length album contained within the new MBV box
set, if all goes well.

Is it possible the seeds for a comeback are planted?

God, let's hope so!

In other, more official, My Bloody Valentine related news, Kevin Shields has
just scored the new film by Virgin Suicides director Sofia Coppola, entitled
Lost In Translation. The movie stars Bill Murray as a fading TV star, Ghost
World's Scarlett Johansson, and Giovanni Ribisi, and is described as exploring
the relationship between two strangers (Murray and Johansson) who meet and
explore the foreign world of Tokyo and life's aspirations. Emperor Norton
Records will be putting out the Original Movie Soundtrack on September 9th,
which contains two brand new Kevin Shields songs, four of his score pieces, an
exclusive track by Virgin Suicides composers Air, as well as songs by Jesus &
Mary Chain, Death In Vegas, Squarepusher and Phoenix. Lost In Translation the
movie is due in New York and Los Angeles theaters September 19th, and later in
the rest of the country.

By Marcus Kagler


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