Saturday, November 29, 2003

...jel,b. fleischmann,ms. john soda
picadilly pub,vancouver 2003/11/27::

...the picadilly is a small pup on pender st.i would suspect that not more than 100-125 people can fit into it.makes for a very intimate setting to catch live performances.

...walked in as jel was playing. since this was the fellow i came to see,i was a little disappointed but from what i caught, i ended up being quite happy. he on the other hand was getting quite frustrated with his gear and gave up about 25mins. after i got there,muttering something about not being able to put up with it.

...b. fleischmann brought some fine tunes and a hell of a lot of energy. he is very animated behind his mac and brought to mind my seeing mouse on mars as he seemed to really be enjoying himself and the response of the crowd. he was also very polite and expressed thanks after almost every tune.very danceable set. john soda is a group i knew absolutely nothing about except that they are on morr records. in some cases ignorance is bliss,as expierienced by enjoying this four piece. as i was listening,notwist kept popping into my mind as a reference point to their sound. it wasn't til i got home and checked the pedigree at amg that i found out the keyboard player is/was also in notwist! very impressive show, music-wise. will be on the lookout for their album over christmas.


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