Sunday, July 20, 2003

...Television Plugs Back In.

...been giving 3 cds alot of listening this past weekend.exclaim! has an article on metric in their latest issue. this is a band that has gone through a ton of record company bull that would have killed lesser bands. as evidenced by these few stories . lead singer emily haines may be familiar to some after contributing vocals to broken social scene's latest release.the album is not like bss,but it does have alot of variety,although i could never hear the the 3rd track succexyagain and not be upset.
...having read about the sleepy jackson on the rub, i searched out the mp3s on soulseek.very nice album,would have left the opening track to closer to the end,but definately worth picking up come july 29th when it gets a n.a. release. flash and the pan & lloyd cole come to mind while listening to this.
...M83 are a duo from france that i know very little about other than their website is damn annoying to navigate. electronics mixed with processed vocals and instruments. despite all that is going on ,they have a bit of a pop edge to them. very nice....


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