Sunday, August 31, 2003

...went to see r.e.m. on friday night with a fellow i work with. he won tix
from a radio station and after he asked his friends,he asked me;) outdoor
show at UBC,totally fabulous evening. the dandy warhols opened,played about
40min. of their more radio friendly stuff. not bad,but sound was a bit

...wilco played about an hour,seemed to be enjoying themselves and rocked
alot harder than i realized from listening to their records.

...r.e.m. played for 2 hours. the setlist is here as well as michael stipes words about vancouver. stipe is an incredible
presence onstage. i could not keep my eyes off of him. really friendly and
talkative as well. they have spent 7 months up here recording at brian adams
warehouse studio in gastown[old vancouver]. hence he said they consider it
to be a second home and had to start the tour here. they played their guts
out...tight,tight show. the three original guys have added scott
macaughey[sp] on keys,guitars,ken stringfellow[posies] on keys,banjo,bass
and bill rieflin[ministry] on drums. geez,his drums were amazing....the kick
could be felt in my chest :)

...r.e.m. came out for their encore and had thom yorke join them onstage
for 'e-bow' and 'end of the world'. yorke danced around like a maniac ,sang
and played guitar. he seemed to really be enjoying it......i sure did!
sparsely attended show ,i guess radiohead is a larger draw and they played
the next night. i am at work sat. thinking how much fun i had,thinking i might like to
catch radiohead that night too. asked my daughter if she wanted to go,she
jumped and off we went. we missed steve malkmus who opened. radiohead was
impressive as well and played all but 4 songs off of HTTT. see setlist

01 2+2=5
02 sit down. stand up
03 where i end and you begin
04 kid a ("This is a happy song about heads on sticks")
05 backdrifts
06 myxomatosis
07 lucky (humbly dedicated to r.e.m.)
08 paranoid android
09 sail to the moon
10 you and whose army
11 go to sleep
12 i might be wrong (with some acapella at the end)
13 like spinning plates
14 the gloaming (Thom sang the name of Alistair Campbell a couple of times
just before the start of the song, which got sampled later on the song,
while thom was marching on the beat.)
15 idioteque
16 no surprises
17 there there

Encore #1:
18 the national anthem
19 a wolf at the door
20 airbag
21 street spirit

Encore #2:
22 karma police
23 just
24 everything in its right place

...what was cool was stipe came on to add vocals to 'karma police' singing
the "this is what you get" line as well as backgrounds. really electric. i
also was not aware who alastair campbell was until i got home and googled
him. made the lyrics to 'the gloaming' have a different take. lead lines go
"Genie let out of the bottle,It is now the witching hour".hehheh:)


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