Sunday, November 09, 2003

...just back from catching an instore performance at the virgin megastore. spiritualized played quite a few songs off of their 'amazing grace' cd quite nice,amazing sound...might even make me buy the thing. the best part though was seeing one of my idols shopping their. elvis costello looked very cool in a long black leather jacket and slightly spiked hair. on his arm was gf diana krall who looked a whole lot hotter than i've seen her before[ on tv]. the couple strolled around with nary a soul bothering them. very cool..[i know,how very fanboy of me].

...the lunar eclipse was very clear from me part of the world last night. those lucky folks in portland,or. getting to see killing joke on an eclipse's a link::.U.S. Toxic 'Ghost Fleet' Not Wanted in the UK.

...picked up dj krush :: 'zen' and muslimgauze :: 'vampire of tehran' at zulu used. shall give them a listen now.


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