Saturday, January 17, 2004

...been a long while and guessing that no one but me gives a shit,but here goes *some* of my favourites of 2003::

shins :: chutes to narrow
killing joke :: killing joke
the mars volta :: de-loused in the comatorium
matthew dear :: leave luck to heaven
death cab for cutie :: transatlanticism
pharoah overlord :: pharoah overlord 2
desert sessions 9&10
yeah yeah yeahs :: fever to tell
M83 :: dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts
colder :: again
circlesquare :: pre-earthquake anthems
circle :: sunrise
radiohead :: hail to the thief
calla :: televise
the constantines :: shine a light
sufjan stevens :: greetings from michigan
aesop rock :: bazooka tooth
rhythm and sound :: versions
rachel's :: systems / layers
explosions in the sky :: the earth is not a cold dead place
the timeout drawer :: presents left for the living dead ep
manitoba :: up in flames the rub notes,really more than necessary has been written about these releases elsewhere. if anyone is interested,post a comment and i will try to explain why i like these. i know that there are more that i am overlooking either through memory lapse or not having heard [the concretes as an example,i have on order] .


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