Wednesday, December 18, 2002

2002 favourites:: continued...
jel - "10 seconds" ~ el-p - "fantastic damage" ~ rjd2 - "deadringer":: i am grouping these three together more out of laziness than the fact they are of a simmilar nature. all 3 of these discs got alot more play in the car and at home than dj shadow,which in itself says something. for anyone that does not know me , i worship at the altar of dj shadow. if i had to recommend just one of these 3 ,i would have to go with the jel cd .[i always root for the percieved underdog.]

akufen - "my way":: technical prowess always counts for something. when you can add soul to the mix ,well it just makes me smile. i think i may have wished for this to be a little bit shorter as some of the cuts tend to be just plain overwhelming in the amount of samples used. tracks like even white horizons & deck the house are amazing in how they swing.

hot snakes - "suicide invoice":: this album just puts a grin on my face that stays until the last track. imagine guys approaching my age being able to rock this hard. as much as i miss the jesus lizard these boys fill the void. and yes i know that reis and froberg were in drive like jehu,it's just that the snakes seem to incorporate a bit more melody in their writing than jehu did.

casino versus japan - "whole numbers play the basics":: this came out on carpark a few months back. if you've heard the boards of canada comparisons and not wanted to pick this up,you have done yourself a disservice sir. really nice poppy techno that doesn't go on too long.

....more to follow later this week.

...a little while back i put the comments links back on the page. i really want to hear from anyone that agrees,has a general comment or thinks i am full o'shit....please!


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